Dr William Stavinoha MD's Family Practice - 11671 Jollyville Road Suite 102 Austin, TX 78759

11671 Jollyville Road Suite 102
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 338-5088
fax (512) 338-5089

William Stavinoha, M.D.

Dr. Stavinoha and his office staff are dedicated to providing you comprehensive, professional and personalized medical care. All this is done in a relaxed, intimate and caring atmosphere — with a smiling face in the office, and with a real person's voice on the phone.

As a Family Practice, our office manages both urgent problems (such as respiratory conditions, injuries, rashes and headache) and chronic health issues (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, allergies and thyroid problems). Further, many minor surgical procedures (such as wart treatment, mole removal and laceration repair) may be done in our office.

Urgent care appointments are available on the same day, while routine physical exams, school physicals and follow-up visits are promptly scheduled at a time convenient for you.

Telephone messages are addressed the day they are received. Laboratory results are discussed with you by phone the next day, or at the scheduled follow-up office visit.

Though our office is open traditional hours, our on-call physicians allow our patients to enjoy 24-7 care.

Our staff and Dr. Stavinoha invite you to become a patient. We would be honored and privileged to care for you and for your family.